Ao Nuan Bungalows is ideal for escaping the crowds and relaxing on a small hidden-away beach. This is one of the
few places on Koh Samed where you're more likely to hear the song of birds and the drill of cicadas rather than the
noise of families or party-goers.
Accommodation is basic, but that only adds to the feeling of seclusion. Fan rooms
have a simple mattress on bamboo floors, but the views on the deck outside are unparallelled. The remote feel of Ao
Nuan keeps many people staying here longer than they planned and as a result it is often full. You may need to stay
somewhere else until a room becomes available, usually in mid-week.
The resort has a phone number 038-644-334
. The restaurant / bar has a good menu at next-to-nothing prices.
To make a reservation at this resort, you must telephone in person, most guests stay at another resort first
then move to this one, once they have secured a reservation

The Resort has rooms with either ceiling fan or Air Conditioning, NO TV. some rooms have a refrigerator,
hot & cold water showers.

The resort is set on the side of a hill, which leads down to a nice secluded beach

your closest resorts are Ao Tubtim & Ao Phutsa a short motorbike ride away
if you stay here you need to bring a few provisions with you.

AO NUAN BUNGALOWS - Tel: +66-81-781-4875 / Tel: +66-38-644-334

There is also another resort located here called NOINA'S with the same style bungalows you can reserve ONLINE HERE